Following the Princeton tradition of incorporating financial frictions in macroeconomic models - scholars like Ben Bernanke come to mind - this camp brings together top 2nd year Ph.D. students who wish to write a Ph.D. thesis at the intersections between Macroeconomics and Finance.  The recent experience starting with the run-up of imbalances and bubbles in the first decade of the 21st century, followed by a severe financial crisis that ultimately led to the Great Recession, calls for new frameworks to study macro-prudential policy tools and to design a new international financial architecture.  The aim of this meeting is to bridge the gap between modern finance and macroeconomics and expose the best students from across the country to macroeconomic models with financial frictions and /or non-standard expectations.

"It was the most stimulating single-event in economics I've had yet in my career, both due to the great lectures and the incredible conversations I had with my peers." (from Harvard PhD Student, September 2016)

2018 Princeton Initiative will take place from September 7-9, 2018


Students must have successfully completed the second year sequence of their PhD programs. Ideally, they should also have had some exposure to continuous time finance.

Background material:

Participants' Feedback:

Selection procedure: 
Each department can nominate a limited number of candidates.  The final selection will be made by the organizers of the Event. 

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A special thanks to the Alfred P. sloanlogoSloan Foundation for their generous support of
Princeton Initiative Programs from 2013-2016.